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Actor Contracts

Actor contracts, much like other commerical contracts, exist to memorize the key business terms between an actor and the producer/director.  Actor contracts can vary from being short and simple to being heavily negotiated and complex. Actor contracts are typically drafted by attorneys specializing in entertainment law, as these attorneys understand the business terms and risks associated with acting contracts.

A well drafted actor contract will serve to protect the interests of both the actor and the producer/director.  An actor contract may include some of the following provisions:

  • Type of film/engagement
  • Term of contract
  • Rights of actor to be involved in other projects during duration of project
  • Roles and responsibilities of actor
  • Roles and responsibilities of producer/director
  • Compensation
  • Royalties
  • Equity participation in project
  • Union related provisions
  • Dispute Resolution (e.g. arbitration, mediation, etc.)

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