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Tour Promoters

Tour promoters, also known as concert promoters, organize live concert tours or special event performances.  A promoter is a person who contracts for and arranges a concert for purposes of profit, whether engaged full time or part time in the business of booking or hiring concerts.  A person cannot engage in the business of promoting concerts without a promoter’s certificate of registration.

Tour promoter organizes concerts or performances by making an offer of employment to a particular artist by contacting the artist’s agent or music manager.  The parties negotiate on the terms and conditions of the live performance contract.  Parties usually rely on the standard format of the American Federation of Musicians’ (AFM) Performance Agreement.

Tour promoters are responsible for obtaining venue for the event, pricing and transportation.  Promoters are also responsible for promotional and marketing activities of the event.  The promoter takes the responsibility of all the financial risks involved in a show.  The tickets for the concert are printed in the name and business address of the promoter.  Before applying for a certificate of registration, the applicant should make a bond or cash deposit to the concerned department.  Upon cancellation of the event, the ticket prices should be refunded by the promoter.  The bond or cash deposit of the promoter will be used if the promoter fails to refund otherwise.

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