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Editors are those who edit books and periodicals.  An editor is usually the head of content on a publication.  The editor supervises the publication of newspapers or magazines.  The editor determines the final text content of a  newspaper or magazine.

The editorial positions in publishing include copy editor, production editor, editor at large or contributing editor, scholarly editor, symposium editor or volume editor,  sponsoring editor, acquisitions editor or a commissioning editor and substantive editor.  Copy editors correct spelling and grmammar, design pages and select new stories for inclusion.  Production editors choose the layout of the publication and communicate with the printer.  Editor at large or contributing editor is one who frequently contributes to a magazine.  Scholarly editors organize compilations and produce definitive editions of a classic author’s works.  Sponsoring editors find marketable ideas and present them to appropriate authors.  Acquisitions editors or commissioning editors obtain copy or recruit authors.  A substantive editor improves an author’s writing so as to convey the matter in an effective manner.

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