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Print Process

Print process is the process of production and distribution of literature or information in the form of newspapers, magazines and other printed materials.  The first stage of print process is submission of a query or proposal to a publisher or to a literary agent.  Once the publisher accepts the work, commissioning editors negotiate the purchase of intellectual property rights and agree on royalty rates.  The next stage of print process is editing which involves making structural changes and requesting for more information.  During the design stage, the amount of design required is determined.  Designers decide about colors, typography, cover design and ancillary materials such as posters, catalogue images and other sales materials.  The next stage is the sales and marketing stage which is closely connected with the editorial process. Once front cover images are produced or chapters are edited, the publishing companies send advanced information sheets to customers for gauging possible sales.  The initial feedback decides the editorial process and may affect the formatting of the book and the strategy employed to sell it.  Prior to printing, a pre-press proof is created which shows the book precisely as it will appear once printed.  Once the proof is approved, printing of the book begins.  The publishers keep some copies of the finished book as sample copies to aid sales or to be sent to pre publication reviews.

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