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Generally, the type of book being produced determines the required amount of design.  Design is restricted to typography and cover design, for standard fiction titles.  Design takes on a much larger role for books containing illustrations or images, in laying out colours, typography, cover design and ancillary materials.

A new project starts with a briefing meeting with designers for gathering information including design samples, paper, types of printing, and discussing text, photography, page counts, print runs and schedules.  The designer provides an estimate giving a breakdown of design and production costs which the client can modify to fit a budget.

Thereafter, the designer will work on creative ideas and give mocked-up or digital visuals of part or the entire product.  The client can suggest the changes that might be required.  Usually, two or three proofs are provided to make amendments and check detail.  Once a final proof is signed-off on, the work goes to production with a printing company.

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