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Producers Guild

Producers Guild of America (PGA) is a trade organization which represents television producers, media producers, and film producers in the U.S.  PGA’s worldwide membership includes over 3,500 members.  PGA offers several benefits to its members like health insurance and pension benefits, seminars and mentoring programs, entrance to special screenings of movies during Academy Award season, and assistance with working conditions and screen credits.

PGA began as two separate organizations with the Screen Producers Guild formed in 1950, and the Television Producers Guild formed by television producers in 1957.  In 1962, these two merged to form the PGA under legendary producer Walter Mirisch.

Producers Guild of America Award was established in 1990 as the Golden Laurel Awards to honor the visionaries who produce and execute motion picture and television product. In 2001, the PGA merged with the American Association of Producers.  The Guild was composed of three Councils: the Producers Council (representing producers, executive producers and co-producers), the AP Council (representing associate producers, production managers, production supervisors, segment and field producers, production coordinators, visual effects producers and post-production staff,) and the New Media Council.

In 2001, the PGA East Regional Chapter of the Guild was established in New York to service Guild members based on the East Coast.  The PGA formed its New Media Council in 2002 to represent producers working in emerging media such as DVDs, broadband, mobile entertainment, interactive television and console games.

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