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Writers Guild of America

Writers Guild of America refers to the joint efforts of two different U.S. labor unions.  Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) which represents TV and film writers around New York City, and Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) which represents TV and film writers in Hollywood and southern California.  Jointly, it represents more than 12,000 movie and television writers.

WGAW registry is the world’s leading screenplay registration service registering

more than 55,000 pieces of literary material every year.  The main aim of registration is to establish the completion date of an original work. Though the registry cannot prevent plagiarism, it can submit the registered material to any legal proceeding or arbitration regardless of location or membership.  WGAW registry, as a neutral third party, can testify to that evidence. The registry does not make comparisons of registration deposits, or gives legal opinions, or confer any statutory protections.

The WGAE Foundation’s objective is to perpetuate the art of storytelling, either by professionals or amateurs, through learning and practical experience on local, national and international levels.  It aims to find the next generation of writers in fiction, non-fiction, television, radio, film, theatre, and new media.  It also encourages WGAE members to contribute their expertise to foundation activities.

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